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"And when I'm at home then I decide for myself when I watch TV or when I sit at the PC, and when I go to bed. I've made my times, now lets see, 6:50pm is always when it's time to put on pyjamas, and at 9pm it's time to brew the bedtime tea and at 10pm on weekdays I always go to bed. All of that I decided myself, because I want it like that, and that is a regular timetable."

Katja Sothmann, Ohrenkuss Editorial Team, handwritten

Every day I look out of the window.
It is variously unimportant.

Julia Bertmann

I have a good life.
That is special in life so good, that is a good feeling.
In the belly.
I want to have my life, that feels so good.

Martin Weser

I think many things.
But not every thing.

Angela Fritzen

Old age

Old age

When is a person old? When they are 65? When they are 32? On this the TOUCHDOWN 21 team can not agree. In this article you will find a number of different opinions on the matter.



To decide for yourself means to me very, very important.

– Verena Elisabeth Turin



Ida is 5 years old and has Down syndrome. She goes to "Schulberg" Kindergarten. Behrang Samsami visited her there and wrote about it.

Luckily each day comes only once in life.
For example today.

Johanna von Schönfeld

My brain is like a cinema.

Julia Baggemann

Today I don't feel like doing anything. No one can tell me that I can't do that. I say that because I can. High-performance-chilling.

Julian Göpel

Courage, I wanted to say dare. In good times or in bad times. When I have courage, I do good things. I don't have to overcome anything. I have a good time: I am courageous.

Daniel Rauers



What is communication?
To talk to each other.
To listen to one another.
To look at one another.
People with Down syndrome write about this too.

You can think day and night.
When you think during the day, that is normal thinking in everyday life.
When you think at night, that’s called dreaming.

Teresa Knopp

I am a part of society.
Even if I see the world differently to non-disabled people.

Julia Bertmann

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