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Zusammenarbeit in der Redaktion Ohrenkuss


"Team-work is, you work hand in hand together - and not, with one thumb sticking out."
And how can that work?

Teamwork is necessary in many situations: at a soccer game, at work, or in a band.
The Ohrenkuss authors work together with many different people.
This includes people with, and without a disability.
For this text they have considered when that work very well, and when that works less well.

The first thing Achim Reinhardt thinks of in regards to teamwork is a band.
He writes:

„For a music group, there belong many together too.
There, all have to play right. And practice."

Christiane Grieb is part of a theatre troupe.
There too, teamwork is a big topic.
Sometimes it works well, other times not so well.
Christiane Grieb writes:

„More than 20 people playing theatre.
I am a part of that too.
Because we know each other well, it works well with the teamwork.
When we make a slight mistake we get stressed.
Then someone makes criticism.
And then we are offended.”

Verena Elisabeth Turin is a member of a swimming team.
There too are agreements.
She writes:

„The collaboration for a national swimming championship needs a lot of clubs.
With a lot of people.
From the different districts.
These people work very well together.
And they agree well between each other.
What needs to be done."

Good teamwork isn't just important during leisure time, it is definitely also important at work.
Katrin Schaller works at a canteen.
She is lucky because there teamwork is working well.
She writes:

Is good.
Me and colleague just drying dishes right now."

Christiane Grieb works in a paper workshop. Her team works well together.
She writes:

„Everyone has limitations.
We are a good team and we work well - everyone in their own way.
If it doesn't work, a mistake happens.
It should not be that the paper is crumpled and when we loose count with the pages.
Then the mood is bad."

For Achim Reinhardt well functioning teamwork especially depends on people liking each other. He writes:

„The teamwork with a man I didn't like, didn't go very well. I was feeling unwell the whole time.
I also had a good man in the workshop, who I like a lot.
Then work was better and I was glad about that.“

For Dorothee Reumann teamwork only goes well when it's possible to stay in contact.
She writes:

„Group-work is important and staying in contact.“

Some things make teamwork easier.
Achim Reinhardt writes:

„Sometimes it doesn't work so well because some work was too hard.
Boxes that were too big and heavy.
Then you have to lift boxes together."

Nora Fiedler works at a child care centre.
Sometimes she feels overwhelmed.
She writes:

„Actually just, that it's all too much for me.
I do want to work together, just when they are nice to me.
Teamwork isn't to exclude one."

Julian Göpel is a janitor’s assistant. At his work, he feels supported.
He writes:

„In my job I work together with colleagues and co-workers.
I am not alone there I am supported with my teamwork, from supervisor to the boss.
If I should make mistakes, I have my supervisor.
He explains it how I do it better.
I try hard to do it better.
The teamwork goes well together.
I like working with people with and without disability."

In addition to being a janitor's assistant  Julian Göpel has for many year writen for the magazine ,Ohrenkuss .. da rein, da raus'.
There too the authors work as a team.
He writes:

„I think it's great that at Ohrenkuss I can work with other authors.
The teamwork goes well.
We discuss topics.
We vote.
We receive praise.
Improvements are good.
That's called teamwork and collaboration with colleagues.
I have to show consideration for them."

Björn Langenfeld also writes about teamwork at the Ohrenkuss editorial office:

„Writing texts.
No chatting!
Need to work!

Antonio Nodal is pleased with the teamwork in his work place.
He dictates:

„I am also still at work.
That is nice.
And I do that, too.
That is nice, to work in the team.
Pulling screws.
I have 2 or 3 colleagues.
That is fun."

Julia Bertmann works in an office.
It works there “half and half”.
She writes:

„I work with non-disabled people together in a job.
It works half half.
In my department all use the easy language but the others don't think of that.
That are exactly those that are responsible for people with disabilities.
Always I have to say that they should explain everything slowly and have patience.
Sometimes I think that all takes too long for them."

But actually she likes it when people with and without a disability work together.
She writes:

„Teamwork is, you work hand in hand together - and not, with one thumb sticking out.
When people with and without disability work together everyone can learn from each other.
They can learn a lot from us -  and we also from them.“

Verena Elisabeth Turin lives in Italy.
There she works on the advisory board for a home.
She writes:

"I believe important for me for teamwork with and without a disability is the trust, reliability, solidarity, support, time, patience, and affection.
We need again and again to agree who of us should hold the fort.
Mostly it goes well."

And if not, you can talk about it:

„If the teamwork doesn't go well, then that is discussed.
And trying to find a very fitting solution.
Or these mistakes, we try to fix them.”

Anna-Lisa Plettenberg works in the laundry of the Dr. Ehmann Home for Children.
She writes:

"In my work place I work together.
Some of three groups.
With people without Down syndrome I can talk very well.
If I forget something, I can just ask, the people that has 46 chromosomes."

Johanna von Schönfeld works in a dialysis clinic. She writes:

"Teamwork is the most important.
Working together, for us, where I work, is very important.
Because without them I can't work.
I am glad I am the only one that has the trisomy 21, and they just don't.
I talk about that too with my work place.
I like that and think it is also important.
The people without Down syndrome they can talk quicker.
And they can also pretty quickly criticise me, I absolutely can't stand that.
I think it is the most important, that one should feel good in a work place.
No matter if you have Down syndrome or 46 chromosomes."

Martin Weser works in a workshop.
He writes:

„That is overall the most important: that one is able to work together with team.
My work is actually very good.
I work in assembly.”

Teamwork has to function, not just during working hours.
Paul Spitzeck thinks something else is important:

„Together knock off work.”