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A man and a woman in love, Photo: Rosanna D'Ortona for the Ohrenkuss-issue 'Love Adventure'


How is it with Love?
"Love is easy thing to write
but saying often embarrassing.
I love you,
I love you much more."

Many people ask themselves: How is it with Love?
Do people with Down syndrome fall in love?
Do they have relationships?
Do they feel awful when they are lovesick?
Do they have sex?

The answer is: Yes of course.
But sometimes it's still not easy with love.
The Ohrenkuss editorial office has written about this.

„Love is easy thing to write but saying often embarrassing.
Love means kissing, also tongue kiss, feelingness, flattered, tenderness, being sexy, being naked, going to bed, making sex.
I put music on before, not too loud, a little bit loud, moaning is also good, erotic, rock'n roll feelingness of music, then say:
I love you. I love you much more.
That's how it has to be, daring a bit more, till the neighbours hear: 'What's going on? Is a concert on there today?"

The author of this text does not want to be named.
He is 24 years old and would not like his parents to know he is interested in sex.

Angela Fritzen has written a poem about Love:

Today (Love)
I love you too.
I love you too.
I would like to marry you.
I would like to marry you.
Brings happiness into me
Brings happiness into me
Give me the time.
Give me the time.
The Big Bang.

Mirko Kuball wishes for himself:

„Cuddling, stroking and a boyfriend.
Loving is nice, but also demanding.
That's how it is."

Lars Breidenbach speaks with friends about love.
He writes:

„Friendship is important, liking, squeezing, consoling, hugging, also giving little kisses, yeah?
Speaking matters of the heart, are you in difficulty, are you sad, unhappy, speaking about it, I like you a lot, dead serious, want to comfort, also heartache or when someone has died.
Feelingness important, always and always, do not want to loose, no letting go longing for friendship.
Don't want to be alone, not be lonely, that's what friends are for, that's important!
There's also, it's addictive, that's life.“

Svenja Giesler likes writing about love the best:

„From the heart comes
the warmth
you are in love
you know for sure, that you have the right one.“

Michaela Koenig also finds love important. But only on one condition:

„But for a perfect relationship, it also takes plenty of decency and moral.“