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Jeanne-Marie Mohn, photographed by Britt Schilling

Deutschland, Frankfurt am Main

Jeanne-Marie Mohn

Jeanne Marie Mohn is a textile artist from Frankfurt.

Jeanne-Marie Mohn is an artist.
She works at the Raw Art Foundation studio in Frankfurt am Main.
She knits various art works.
For example T-shirts, carpets and three dimensional figures.
Jeanne-Marie Mohn, photographed by Britt Schilling

Jeanne-Marie Mohn also writes as a long distance correspondent for the magazine Ohrenkuss... da rein, da raus.
She has been a part of the team for 4 years.
She also made drawings which were featured in the Ohrenkuss edition entitled MIRACLE.

Jeanne-Marie Mohn lives in a share-house in Frankfurt.
She likes the music of Britney Spears, Sharkira and Jennifer Lopez.
She likes to read.
Preferably shopping lists or menus.

She has never done anything crazy - but she still plans to.

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