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Shéri Brynard,Photo: private

South Africa, Bloemfontein

Shéri Brynard

Shéri Brynard has studied. She works as an assistant teacher at a pre-school and believes that everybody can reach their goals if they work hard.

Shéri Brynard is 34 years old and lives in South Africa.
There she has studied to become a teacher.
She went to all the same classes as all the other students.

Shéri Brynard works as an assistant teacher at a pre-school for children with special needs.
Apart from her first language Afrikaans, she also speaks English.
She thinks it is good to understand English.
That way you can reach even higher goals.

Shéri Brynard firmly believes that everybody that works hard can reach their goals.
She says:

"I love being who I am and I believe that a sense of humour and positive outlook on life helped me to achieve against all odds.
I made the words and the philosophy of Nelson Mandela 'you are the master of your destiny and you are the captain of your soul', my own life philosophy.
I truly believe that one must never focus on what you don’t have, but be proud of who you are.
I strongly believe one must work hard to make the best of who you are.
I can truly thank the Lord for making me exactly who I am, a person with Down syndrome."

Shéri Brynard campaigns for the rights of people with Down syndrome. She travels to important conferences in different countries and gives speeches.
For example in Jerusalem, New York, or Oxford.

Shéry Brynard delivers a speech, Photo: private

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