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Sujeet Desai am Schlagzeug, Bild: privat

USA, New York, Rome

Sujeet Desai

Sujeet Desai is a musician. He can play 8 different instruments. He is also an athlete and he has won many medals.

Sujeet Desai is 35 years old.
He is a musician and lives in the USA.
He plays 8 different instruments among them the clarinet, the alto saxophone, the violin, the piano and the drums.

Sujeet Desai works as an assistant teacher for the music lessons at a primary school.
He plays his music in churches, nursing homes, retirement homes and hospitals.
He lives completely on his own in his home in Rome, in New York State.

Sujeet Desai is not only a musician.
He also does sports, for example Tae Kwon Do.
He has the second black belt.
He has won gold and silver medals in swimming at the Special Olympics and has several medals in alpine skiing, cross-country and bowling.

He gives TV interviews and speaks about his work.

Sujeet Desai beim Tae Kwon Do, Bild: privat

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