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TOUCHDOWN-support, Photo: Katja de Bragança


Many people support the TOUCHDOWN 21 project.
We want to say thank you.

The TOUCHDOWN 21 project is very big.
Many ideas, dreams, and many many hours of work are reflected in this. Without the heartfelt and generous support of many people we would have never managed: Thank you.

Many people with Down syndrome are quoted on the TOUCHDOWN 21 website.
That means we are using their texts.
Most of them are authors for the Ohrenkuss magazine.
Many of the quotes have been published in Ohrenkuss.
Lots of texts were written especially for TOUCHDOWN 21.
Thank you!

Maria de Bragança und Paul Roberts translate the texts into English. Each time it is a pleasure to read the translations.
They are art.
Thank you for that!

The TOUCHDOWN 21 team thanks these photographers for permission to use their photos:

The TOUCHDOWN 21 team is grateful that we can use drawings by the following artists:

And of course the TOUCHDOWN 21 team gives great thanks to Ole Lentfer for the use on this website of many of his movies.

The TOUCHDOWN 21 Logo was developed by Maya Hässig.
We think it is fabulous, thank you!

Many thanks to Thomas Glöwing for the beautiful and clear design of the TOUCHDOWN 21 website.

The WebJazz-team has worked on the website for many hours in Stralsund in parallel to the TOUCHDOWN 21 team in Bonn. We would have never made it without your professionalism and support: Thanks to Elisa Otto and Alex Lohse.

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The texts and quotes originate from these authors.