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What is TOUCHDOWN 21?

Our partners

TOUCHDOWN 21 doesn't work alone.
Many partners support us.
Who are those people and organisations?

TOUCHDOWN 21 is delighted to receive the support of...

  • the downtown – Werkstatt für Kultur und Wissenschaft gGmbH in Bonn. For many years now the magazine Ohrenkuss has been made here. We are grateful to the Ohrenkuss team and the collaborating photographers for the many great texts and photos, and for their expertise and many years of experience.
  • the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn. Ever since the Mongolia exhibition (2005) we like to visit again and again to admire the fantastic exhibitions. Now a dream came true. To March 2017 there was the world's first exhibition on the cultural history of Down syndrome!
  • the Institut für Humangenetik der Universität Bonn. It is reassuring, giving us professional peace of mind that we can have somewhere to turn with all questions regarding genetics.
  • the Deutsches DS InfoCenter. Up-to-date information regarding the Down Syndrome and decades of experience. We are very much looking forward to collaborating!
  • webjazz swinging solutions. What's the point of all the knowledge if the TOUCHDOWN 21 website doesn't work tip top! We are grateful for the technical realisation and the incredibly good, quick and smart support in building the TOUCHDOWN 21 website.
  • Leichte Sprache simultan. Plain language simultaneous. It happens again and again that we fall back into scientific gobbeldigook. When we do, translation into clear language helps.
  • the Dr. Senckenbergischen Instituts für Geschichte und Ethik der Medizin der Universität Frankfurt am Main. (Dr. Senckenbergisch Institute for history and ethics of medicine of the university of Frankfurt am Main.) We are glad to receive the expert advice and support.
  • the Kanzlei Menschen und Rechte Human rights law firm in Hamburg. We are glad that we may have support for all our questions regarding Human rights and laws.