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USA, Georgia

Kemma Paulk

Kemma Paulk was Prom Queen at her school’s Prom.

Kemma Paulk was born in 1997.
During her time at school Kemma Paulk was a cheerleader.
Cheerleaders are dancers that lead the cheering for sports teams.

Kemma Paulk graduated from school in 2016.
To celebrate graduating from school in the USA there is always a Prom Ball.
At the Prom Ball a boy is voted to be the Prom King.
And a girl to be the Prom Queen.

Usually those are the most popular students of their year.
Kemma Paulk was chosen by her peers to be the Prom Queen.
Here you can see Kemma Paulk as Prom Queen:

Now, after graduating from school Kemma Paulk wants to find a job, and move out of home.

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