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Paweł Nowakowski, Photo: Joanna

Polen, Poznań

Paweł Nowakowski

Paweł Nowakowski is a ceramic artist from Poland. He loves raspberry juice and table tennis.

Paweł Nowakowski is 33 years old.
He lives in Poland.
He works at the art-workshop Krzemień, a workshop for adults with disabilities.

Paweł Nowakowski loves things to be quiet and in order.
Then he can concentrate the best.
For example on his art.
He works very accurately.

Paweł Nowakowski is a ceramic artist.
In the ceramic workshop he creates many things for example:

  • Small spheres
  • Crockery
  • Cake platters
  • Bowls

He also teaches other people how to work with clay.

Paweł takes care of the people around him when they are sick.
He gives them raspberry juice till they are well again.

In his free time Paweł Nowakowski is interested in sport.
A few times a year he visits motorbike races, he also goes to the gym, plays table tennis and likes bowling.

Paweł Nowakowski, Photo: Joanna

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