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Mélanie Ségard, Bild: Mélanie peut le faire über Facebook


Mélanie Ségard

Mélanie Ségard wants to become the first weather announcer with Down syndrome. She wants to work for a French Television Channel.

Mélanie Ségard is 21 years old. 
She lives in France.
Mélanie Ségard has Down syndrome.

Mélanie Ségard wants to work in Television.
She wants to announce the weather.
So she has made a bet with a Television channel.

The bet is:
Mélanie Ségard has a facebook page.
She bets that at least 100 000 people will click like on her page.
If that happens, the television channel has to invite her to an interview.
Then she can audition.
She wants to show that she can announce the weather.
Her Facebook page is called "Mélanie peut le faire".
Translated that means: " Mélanie can do it".
Here you can click on her page.

Mélanie Ségard says:

"I am different.
But I want to show everyone that I can do many things.
I want to prove it.
That's why I want to be on Television."

More than 20 000 people have clicked on Mélanie Ségard’s Facebook page.
And 2 different Television channels have invited her to an interview.
On the 14th of February Mélanie Ségard had a test run.
She had a trial announcing the weather.
For the television channel France 2.

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