My Everyday

How is life for people with Down syndrome?
In Germany? And in the rest of the World?
How do they live? Where do they work?
Can they play the drums?
Are they on Facebook?
Which party do they vote for?



FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions". This means - many people are asking the same questions. And here are some answers. Some answers to frequently asked questions about life for people with Down syndrome.


People with Down syndrome are found all around the world. They run food stalls, do powerlifting and get their driving license.

Trisomy 21

What is Down syndrome?
What is trisomy 21?
How does it work with chromosomes?

Sharing Awareness

Many people want to know more about Down syndrome. We want more people to be able to find out more about this topic. Here we share what we know.


People from around the world are busy thinking about the topic Down syndrome.
We want to bring these people together.
We want to show their work.

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