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England, Halifax

Katie Higgins

Katie Higgins became a certified Zumba instructor in 2012 and she has been teaching Zumba ever since.

Katie Higgins was born in 1991.
She is a Zumba instructor.
Zumba is a mixture of dance and fitness training.
Katie Higgins' brother Craig died of cancer.
Katie didn't do so well after that.
That's why, together with her mother, she started learning Zumba.

Katie's mother recalls:

"I loved it right away although afterwards I was very upset at myself that I’d been jumping up and smiling and singing although Craig has just died.
Then I realized that it was what Craig would have wanted.
Katie used to ask me at times 'Did you enjoy it?'
I used to say 'No, I didn’t enjoy it. I loved it!'
Amanda Laycock, the Zumba instructor, suggested Katie should come with me and sign to our music.
She did.
Then one night Amanda announced 'I think you ought to do more than this, Katie.'
Amanda then starting giving Katie special classes, on her own.
I just watched - with amazement.
From then on, there was just no holding Katie back."

In 2012 Katie Higgins passed her final exam to become a Zumba instructor.
Since then she has been teaching classes.

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