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Ohrenkuss-Autorin Marley Thelen, fotografiert von Britt Schilling für die Ausgabe 'Humor'

Taboos, forbidden things, and prejudices


People with Down syndrome can not ride a bike.
People with Down syndrome are always jolly.
And they can only count up to 20.
Is this true?

The participatory TOUCHDOWN 21 research team wants to know:
What are the prejudices and pre-conceptions about people with Down syndrome?

Are there secret questions that people have been wanting to ask (and haven't dared to?).
The TOUCHDOWN 21 TABOO study hopes to find that out.

Answers to the Taboo Questionnaire will remain anonymous.
So all questions can be answered honestly.

Here you find the Ohrenkuss questionaire as a PDF.
Please fill out the questionnaire.
And pass it on.
The questionnaire should be filled out by many people, and sent back to us.
At least a 1000! Or more.
So: Please print out the questionnaire, fill it in, and send it back to us.

What happens with the findings of this study?
We will analyse the questionnaires.
We will make a tally sheet.
We will write about it in an article.
We will make a movie about prejudices.
And maybe also a movie on the topic of 'taboo'.