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Carina Kühne am Computer, Bild: Andi Weiland,

Germany, Seeheim-Jugenheim

Carina Kühne

Carina Kühne writes her own blog, and works as an actor. She is an activist fighting for the rights of people with Down syndrome.

Carina Kühne writes a  Blog on the topic inclusion.
She fights for the rights of people with Down syndrome.
She can be booked as a speaker for lectures, and events.

Carina Kühne also works as actor.
She played her first leading role in the film "Be my Babe".
Another leading role was hers in the German ARD TV series "In aller Freundschaft" ("All in Friendship").

Furthermore Carina Kühne writes texts for the magazine Ohrenkuss... da rein, da raus.

Carina Kühne finished school in Germany after completing year ten.
She has a so-called Hauptschul-Abschluss.
She would have preferred to stay in school longer.
She says:

"For me it is actually important that I can write.
Many think, because of their disability, people with Down syndrome can't read or write.
I can write about my experiences, memories, and thoughts in the diary, or in my computer.
I like writing articles and I'm glad when they're published."


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