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Eine junge Frau mit Down-Syndrom steht vor einer Reihe von Portraitfotos und spricht in das Mikrophon eines Journalisten.

The exhibition "What is important" is open

Till November you can see the exhibition in the iZone in Kiev. We feel sorry for those who can't make it, because the exhibition is fabulous!

Today an exhibition opened. In Kiev.
It is an art exhibition.
It shows many art works by Ukrainian artists.
And it also shows a few selected works by artists from Germany.

The exhibiton is called ЩО ВАЖЛИВО - Мистецька виставка про та за участі людей із синдромом Дауна.
Translated that means: WHAT IS IMPORTANT - Art exhibition about, and with, people with Down syndrome. 

Many people came to the opening.
And many camera teams.
There were reports online.
On Ukraine television.
And in Ukrainian Newspapers.

The TOUCHDOWN 21 team came with 8 people from Germany.
We were extremely curious beforehand, and now we think that the exhibition is just fabulous!
Thanks to the Goethe Institute Ukraine for making this possible!
Thanks to Maria Lanko and Lizaveta German, the curators.
Thanks to the German Department of Foreign Affairs for funding.
We hope the exhibition has many visitors and we are already looking forward to returning in November.

Here you can read more about the exhibition.