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Eine Gruppe von etwa 20 Personen mit und ohne Down-Syndrom steht vor einem langgestreckten, flachen Gebäude, im Hintergrund ist ein Schild mit dem Schriftzug iZone zu sehen.

Back to Kiev

We went back to Kiev. We met again people that were part of the last two workshops. And we met new people.

We went back to Kiev.
This time there were 3 workshops here.
These people worked together in the workshops:

  • People with Down syndrome from the Ukraine
  • 2 curators [that means exhibiton makers] from the Ukraine
  • 2 members of the German Mitglieder TOUCHDOWN 21 team
  • a translator
  • 2 artists from the Ukraine
  • a German photographer 

People painted and drew.
People wrote and dictated texts
People talked.
In 4 different languages.

Also exciting was that, for the first time, we got to go to the location of the exhibition.
It's called iZone.
It is an old factory.
In the past, sails were manufactured there.
Today there are 2 areas for exhibitions.
And a cafe.
And a shop.
Also a co-working-space [a space where many people can work together. They can rent office space there.]

For the first time we got to work in the space and could say: It feels good.

The photographer Britt Schilling travelled to the Ukraine with us.
For the past 4 years she has been working on a Portrait series.
The series is called "I am only unique".
For this series she photographed 20 people with Down syndrome in Kiev.
All the people she photographed also answered questions.
For example they revealed, if they have a favourite place.
And what they want to tell the world about themselves.


It's only 28 days now till the exhibition.
How exciting!